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Ligurian Taggiasca

It's the monks of St.Columban who brought this small olive to Taggia which gives a yellow oil and smells of ripe fruit with hints of fresh almond and lettuce. The Taggiasca lives in small terraced valleys, the result of man's patient work. They are harvested by hand, with hard work. In return they give a sweet oil, never bitter. A little gem of delicate elegance.

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Tuscan Frantoio

The Frantoio olive cultivar is one of the most famous and appreciated all over the world. It's at home that it makes the most of itself. Plunged in a landscape of immense beauty, the Frantoio rewards nature with an egg-shaped fruit that at the time of collection turns to a deep purple, almost black. Expert hands extract a fruity green oil from it, with aromas of grass, cardoon and artichoke. Pure magic.

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Apulian Coratina

On the splendid coastal side of the plateau of the Murge, between the hills and the Adriatic Sea, lives one of the most fascinating and ancient varieties of this magnificent olive population. The fruits are harvested at the beginning of ripening, they have high aromatic and antioxidants qualities. Their oil has a sharp and resolute bouquet of freshly cut grass. Fresh on the palate with unreal spicy and bitter notes.

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Sicilian Tonda Iblea

Generous and tasty, like its land. It rewards the love of those who cultivate it with big, beautiful and rounded fruits. Harvested still green, they produce a particularly aromatic oil, with a scent of tomato leaves and notes of basil and celery. It is defined by an harmonious and progressive spicy taste, always sweet. They are drops of sunshine.

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