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Tasting Offer

A unique and complete tasting experience with our 4 organic extra virgin olive oils

Tasting Offer with stand

Kit composed by 4 0,25l bottles and a plexiglass display stand

Economy size

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Olive oil

  • Tasting Kit

    Discover the finest Italian oils with an unprecedented offer!

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    We’re offering a unique tasting itinerary with four exclusive varieties of organic extra-virgin olive oils.
    The kit includes four 0.25-litre bottles, one for each type: Coratina, Frantoio, Tonda Iblea, Taggiasca.


  • Tasting Kit with Stand

    Use the right oil for each of your dishes!

    Follow the advice on the Plexiglas display stand and let it guide you as you discover the finest extra-virgin olive oils.

    The tasting kit with stand includes four 0.25-litre bottles, one for each type of our production: Coratina, Frantoio, Tonda Iblea, Taggiasca.


  • Family-size offer


    Choose the size which offer the best value for money!

    Save on the selection of your favourite oil with our new family size at a special price.
    Now, for each variety of our selection, you can also take advantage of the economical 3-litre can, to ensure you always have Coratina, Frantoio, Tonda Iblea or Taggiasca on your table.


  • Taggiasca

    Extra-virgin olive oil from Liguria - 100% organic.

    Recognize the complex and vegetal taste of the finest Ligurian extra-virgin oil, enriched with the notes of artichoke, lettuce, balsamic herbs with a prevalence of basil and parsley.

    Oil with a delicate flavor, ideal for Sauces - Pesto, Green salads, Fine cheeses.


  • Tonda Iblea

    Extra-virgin olive oil from Sicily - 100% organic.

    Be carried away by the intense fragrance of a fruity medium-ripe tomato notes, banana, white apple and distinct hint of mint, basil and oregano.

    The most fragrant of oils, suitable for Fish, Pasta, Rise, Shellfish.


  • Frantoio

    Extra-virgin olive oil from Tuscany - 100% organic.

    Try the decisive and enveloping flavor of a fruity green oil of medium intensity characterized by aromas of freshly cut grass, thistle, and intense artichoke with walnut and chicory notes.

    The most classic of robust oils, ideal for Roasted meat, Grilled meat, fish or vegetables and Bruschetta.


  • Coratina

    Extra-virgin olive oil from Apulia - 100% organic.

    Bring to your kitchen the scent of crumpled grass and the rich floral and vegetal fragrances of an exquisite oil from Apulia with clear notes of thistle, artichoke and tomato.

    The most intense of oils, matchless on Soups, Vegetables, Legumes, Aged cheeses.