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Tasting Offer

A unique and complete tasting experience with our 4 organic extra virgin olive oils

Tasting Offer with stand

Kit composed by 4 0,25l bottles and a plexiglass display stand

Economy size

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Taste the quality of our oils

A journey of passion and taste among regions of Italy

"I choose 4 cultivars for you.
The best oil
for each dish."

Hello, my name is Gaetano Vitarelli, member of the ONAOO The National Association of Olive Oil Tasters and friend of the most important, local producers of organic extra virgin olive oil.

Between the 500 varieties of Italian olives, I selected 4 and I brought them to your tables. Savor the aroma, the essence and the character of oils you only tasted during your holidays.

Enjoy exclusivity

Tasting Kit

Thanks to the handy 250ml size you can taste each oil at an unbeatable price. The perfect solution for tasting quality having all 4 bottles always at hand.

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"Thanks to you I discovered that there are so many different types of olive oils, each with a distinctive taste and aroma, great!"

Davide Zucchelli

"I tried your Apulian oil on a salad and it was just a little tangy. I finally realized that each dish must be combined with a different oil."

Alessia Coccarda

"I invited some friends for dinner and the tasting kit had great success. Nobody knew those oils and the "Tonda" simply conquered their hearts."

Andrea Tiendo